AllKarz is a vehicle management App that allows you to keep track of all your vehicle's repair/maintenance and expenses. AllKarz also has features that allows you to set reminders for your vehicle's registration due dates, repair due dates, and other features.

Add a vehicle to the App by scanning or manually entering your VIN code.

Scan your VIN code by selecting the "SCAN YOUR VIN CODE" option

Tap on the "ADD" in the upper right corner of the app to add the car to your garage

Manually enter your VIN code by selecting "TYPE IN YOUR VIN CODE" option and then press "Decode"

Tap on the "ADD" in the upper right corner of the app to add the car to your garage.

Enter any applicable info to the fields and tap "Save & Next"

You can take a photo of your auto insurance card and purchase receipts and tap "Submit"

Click on "Search" icon on the bottom of the app to initiate content or vehicle search.

Click on the "Share" icon to send a download link of the App to your family and friends via social media, email or text.

Click on the "MY GARAGE" icon to access the list of all the vehicles you added to the App.

To add or post "Lowest Gas/Petrol Price" click on the red pencil icon to add entry
(A Gas/Petrol price post is only visible to users within the same set city or location)

To set your location for the App, go to the "MY GARAGE" page and click on the red pencil on the bottom.
(click on "info" to edit or modify vehicle)

Click on red pencil and set your location accordingly and the click "Update Location”. This option allows you to share lowest Gas/Petrol prices in your city.
(This App DOES NOT track your geo location or collect your personal data).

Click on the “AllKarz” logo on the top of any page to access the “ABOUT PAGE” which contains information about the App and how to contact us to report any problems or concerns with the App.

Download Anywhere: icon App Store icon Google play